Meg Madison’s early work explored memory, ritual, and the ecological transition from being wanted to being discarded; this was followed by projects on land use, measuring, mapping and the human connection to the land. Jemez Homestead: Stolen Land is a long-term project using the sun to create cyanotype prints that map a 5-acre parcel in the high desert. Coated paper is snuggled into shrubs, and braced against desert plants on a 5-acre parcel in the high desert then exposed to the desert sun. The resulting print has touched the land - the land leaves marks, holes, and scratches on the paper – but no plant is damaged in the process.


“Planted” as with the series “thirst” is a performance at the water with another person, in collaboration they make a photogram marking the body’s connection to the land. The elements of the sun, the wind, the iron ore chemicals on the paper, the physical presence (on the paper) on the land, and finally the nearby water to develop - all collide in the creation of the cyanotype print of the body - land connection.