Carlos Beltran Arechiga Mexican-American, b. 1972


Carlos Beltran Arechiga is Mexican-American artist who lives in works in Los Angeles. 


The creative process affords Carlos Beltran Arechiga a space for contemplation, sifting, and reporting with derision, humor, and the suspicious hope for a time before fear and the loss of innocence. Beltran Arechiga paints implied and explicit structures to questions the arrangement of the systems and policies that determine access and equity and to confront the promise of the “American Dream” and the “Promised Land” in a state of chaos and order; desolate and fertile. The idea of the Cabezas (heads) scrutinizes and mocks our trends and inability to lead worthy ideals. These characters confront us with a satirical report of our ever-changing human condition, the ephemeral fads that shape the way we perceive each other, and the relentless reinvention of self.