Tanner Goldbeck


Tanner Goldbeck's current focus has become an internal process of tearing down and re-purposing his own existing art and in new ways, finding a larger voice. There is an element of play and artistic freedom in dismantling these images and abstracting them into new organic constructions. Goldbeck has found that in developing this process, every line revisited still holds a personal history and a memory. The results are perhaps best described as a form of visual chatter. A feeling not unlike entering a room full of people all talking at once. This process is a struggle between control and spontaneity. The streets downtown have a memory too. A history that the artist can dig into and gain inspiration from. That energy has a volume. His linear work is quite specific and sets the tone as an initial voice. However, Goldbeck maintains a loose concept of where each piece might go. Multiple layers of colors add and subtract positive and negative shapes in an exchange of speed, cadence and volume equivalent to the mood as it evolves.