Kaye Freeman British, b. 1963


Through painting and drawing, Freeman folds and unfolds the myths that surround us like a cosmic origami. Capturing the frenetic nature of the ether through lines and colours borrowed and blended from a hybrid of cultures.


Our commonality as humans is essential in the artist's dialogue, as she pushes through aesthetic norms of acceptability and taste. Memories, myths, and shared emotions weave through her paintings, abstracted and reshaped again and again until we come to see that our humanity is what humbles us and sustains us. Capturing the constant oceanic movement of what it means to move through a life. To capture the ineffable in paint and graphite. To resonate with a truth that lies beneath all our embellishments. Freeman's work is more than a representation of a thing, it is the thing. And it continues to evolve long after the artist is finished with it, because the viewer then takes it to their own place of understanding and experience. As Freeman puts it, "It is then that the painting becomes the relationship and the journey".