Astrid Preston American


Astrid Preston’s work is rooted in her experience of the world, with nature providing the artist’s unique visual vocabulary. Preston’s paintings are powerful meditations on the inner landscapes that grow out of the act of observing her surroundings. They are an exploration and a search – a dialogue between what goes on inside and outside. Her paintings represent the artist’s attempt to find meaning and create a fixed structure in a world that is constantly in flux.


Preston approaches painting as a synthesis between representation and abstraction, with nature and landscape acting as the artist’s source of inspiration. For Preston, this fusion is sufficient to carry the full freight of emotion and spirituality. It also allows the artist to explore a wide gamut of painterly possibilities: the coexistence of flat space with texture and pixilation; using line, geometry and the effect of a superimposed grid; the repetition and variation of motifs; and the psychological and perceptual effects of color.


All work by Astrid Preston courtesy of the artist and Craig Krull Gallery, Los Angeles.