As a visual artist – photography, animation, installation - Laura Parker is interested in the phenomenon of perception as she is committed to the poetics of the everyday. For three-and-a-half decades, Parker has animated photographs into both narrative and non-narrative sequences. She sees her photography as a kind of "optical thought process" where pictures propose relationships that surprise and disrupt habits of thought and perception. With an eye toward the lyrical, Parker structures and combines her own fragmentary images into multi-paneled 'wholes.' The artist is curious about what is framed and what is left out, and how the mind fills in the gaps. She is also interested in how we perceive, and how that is both physically ("eye level") and culturally ("sunset") ingrained. What constitutes a ‘subject’ and why? From pot-bottoms to the faint light-markings of fuzzy planets, Laura Parker's photography aspires to ‘alchemically reformulate’ the discarded, the overlooked, and the mundane.