Hagop Hagopian : Online Exclusive

13 May - 25 June 2022

Tufenkian Fine Arts is pleased to present, Hagop Hagopian, an online exclusive presentation spanning the artist's formative years in the 1980s to his more mature style in the mid 2000s. 


Hagop Hagopian works with a unique style that is praised for its pursuit of perfection. Hagopian has a linear approach to composition, often accented with serene and subdued colors. His works exude a sense of nostalgia and silence and in his landscapes one can witness Hagopian’s intense devotion to the Armenian countryside. This affection translates into careful brushstrokes and a graceful treatment of each natural element. The emotional message is, as usual, toned down, and the paintings create a serene atmosphere, electrified from within. 


Without exception, Hagopian creates conditional, simulated spaces which seem to bend towards reality. Therefore, what we encounter in these canvases is an explicit, distinct, and self-contained space animated by a dimensionality all its own. It is, first and foremost, a spiritual - rather than geometric - space, and one which establishes equally the uniqueness of his compositions and the broad range of their psychological layers. 


The Armenia depicted by Hagopian is restrained in color, muted and desolate, with his lines sharply delineating the crystalline architectonics of its mountains. Yet Hagopian does not at all negate the other vibrant and sun-soaked Armenia. Rather, aspects of his austere version are to be seen as the divergent yet complementary, and ultimately illuminating parts of a harmonious whole. In silence are contained manifold sounds and a single color of sky can hold hundreds of gradations and interplays. One only needs to hear and see them. What emerges from Hagopian’s measured, calmly observant landscapes is a wealth of reflection and feeling, which reveals itself entirely to those who are apt to focus and plunge into that peaceful, seemingly silent world. 


Installation Views