Collage and Grid Abstractions: Carl Berg

28 August - 9 October 2021

Tufenkian Fine Arts is excited to present a selection of works by Carl Berg featuring watercolor paper cutouts that have been painted over with acrylic paint. In these works, rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing tendrils permeate vibrant blankets of color. Berg’s constantly changing arrays of colored shapes and patterns shift and grow over the surface of the composition. Slowly built layers of color and carefully delineated arabesques beautifully contrast the irregularity of the texture of the paper, creating a highly dynamic work which seems to oscillate between precision and gestural freedom.  


The artist chooses to refer to these works as collage abstractions and grid abstractions to avoid any contextual connotations which the viewer may draw from the compositions. The end result of these meticulously crafted works displays a hypnotizing juxtaposition between free floating layers of color and gracefully intertwined lines. 


This showing of works by Carl Berg in the upstairs gallery space will run concurrently with the exhibition "Bazmaket...".