Sigrid Burton at LAX Terminal 7

September 18, 2021

"Out of the Blue" - a group exhibition curated by John David O'Brien opens September 1, 2021 and remains on view at LAX Terminal 7 until August 31, 2022.


The exhibition, "Out of The Blue” was curated by John David O’Brien and includes artwork by Kelly Berg, Richard Bruland, Sigrid Burton, Jennifer Faist, Yoko Iida, Jenny Okun, Soojung Park. The artists in this exhibition investigate color and form in order to delve into their own perceptions. Out of The Blue are words which put together in commonly used sentences are part of a shared vocabulary. What out of the blue means can be quite variable as in something appearing out of the clear blue sky. Out of The Blue calls for elucidation and unraveling. It is a call to perceptual attentiveness in this very place where people are traveling to and fro and are therefore out of their habitual trajectories. 
The Exhibition can be accessed upstairs, after security, from Terminals 4-7