Betwixt and/or Between at Angels Gate Cultural Center - Organized by John David O'Brien

October 1, 2021

Angels Gate Cultural Center (AGCC) is pleased to present a new art exhibition, Betwixt and/or Between, opening Saturday, October 9th with a public reception from 2pm-4pm. The exhibition will remain on view in the AGCC galleries through December 11th, with a virtual artist talk on November 18th, from 6:30pm – 8pm. Betwixt and/or Between is organized by John David O’Brien, and includes works by Nena Amsler, Fatemeh Burnes, Mark Steven Greenfield, Renée Lotenero, John David O’Brien, Pam Posey, Shirley Tse, Alexis Zoto, and Ismael de Anda III in collaboration with Eugene Ahn.


“Artists create, and in fact sense and know how to make bridges between the worlds that are intersecting in their practice. Ultimately there is something inexplicable, even unspeakable about artwork, and hopefully a viewer perceives that as an enigma worth mulling over—even when the meaning is not being consigned to them.” - John David O’Brien.