Tufenkian Fine Arts - Sigrid Burton

John David O'Brien, Artillery Magazine, March 18, 2020

The adventure of color in these paintings creates a wild conundrum for writing in that color is absolutely palpable in terms of its sensation and feeling, yet is nearly ineffable in terms of being translated into words. These paintings structure a wonderfully acrobatic experience for a viewer’s mind as they literally dance between the color fields and the different types of mark-making and the different types of color extension to its amazingly inconclusive sense of wordless appreciation. Not inconclusive in the sense that it doesn’t have sense. It just doesn’t have linguistic translations adequate to the experience and as a result, the perception of a viewer travels off into a dot…of musing.


Throughout the larger fields of radiant and vibrant color, there are smaller marks. Some look akin to calligraphic doodles or the vapor trails of things arcing through space. Others have the semblance of a willfully disarticulated object, possibly obscured in part but with details emerging the way objects would stand out from a pool of clouded water. Overall the sensations of a microcosmic or macrocosmic perspective are equally balanced. This could be something that is happening out of sight because it is too small to see or too far away to be seen. In either case, the artist has brought it to us as something to contemplate, savor and delve into.