MONUMENTALIS: Works on paper

February 8 – March 8, 2019

Press Release

Tufenkian Fine Arts is proud to present Monumentalis the large scale charcoal, ink and graphite works on paper by Antreasian and Julian.  Displayed in juxtaposition within the gallery, Antreasian and Julian’s expressions are a dialogue in contrasts and similarities.  Both artists utilize and explore a strongly vertical format. For Antreasian, the vertical form evolved from his exploration of totemic shapes and the inspiration of architectural structures. For Julian, this verticality is the consequence of the unfurling of Zen scrolls.  Julian’s expressive yet restrained brush strokes have often been associated with Zen Buddhist painting and she weaves elements of detailed drawing into the gestural form of the ink. Both artists use large areas of black, dense charcoal or ink, as a dramatic and monumental anchor for the work.