Ara Oshagan

Ara Oshagan is a multi-disciplinary and intersectional artist working in photography, collage, archive, film, book and installation art. Oshagan is interested in diasporic identity, legacies of violence and displaced communities.


As a descendant of families who were decimated and exiled from their indigenous lands by the Armenian Genocide in 1915, Oshagan was born and continue to live in diaspora. The artist's identity is hybrid: a network made up of Armenian/Arabic/French/American identities which are in constant harmony and contention and a space for infinite creativity.


Oshagan is a documentarian and as well as conceptual artist and vectored by his own personal history. The artist is interested in exploring sites, spaces and communities that have embedded memory and histories of disruption, violence and displacement.

Oshagan is also interested in the exploration of the ambiguities of his identity and the crossing of physical, cultural and linguistic boundaries.


Oshagan lives and works among disrupted and marginalized communities—communities that have been uprooted, dislocated and relocated and scattered again. Much of the artist's research and work is about the sensibility and structure associated with this way of life. Oshagan's own familial and personal history is deeply connected to the communities he photographs and engages in his artistic practice.